Professional Learning Experience

Session Title:

Free Digital Resources to Enhance Your Instruction- Open Education Resources (OER)

Additional Info:

  • Please bring your own DOE laptop device to the training session

Session Instructor:

iLearn Team

Session Synopsis:

Participants will explore open educational resources (OER) to utilize for teaching, learning, or research. Identify and explore digital textbooks, course readings for blended learning courses as well as assessment tools. As result of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Find Open educational resources (OER)
  • Locate lesson plans, digital textbooks, course readings, for blended learning courses as well as assessment tools.
  • Utilize for teaching, learning, or research
  • Copyright Overview


12:00- 12:15 Welcome and Icebreaker

12:15- 12:30 What are Open Educational Resources?
        • OER Video
        • Past, Present and Future of Education-Infographic

12:30-1:00 Implications
        • Pros
        • Cons
Enhancing the blended classroom
Review Instructional Resources

1:00-1:30 Hands On Activity 1
      • Small groups review OER Lessons
      • Select a lesson that would work for your subject/grade level.
      • Share on Padlet__

1:30- 1:45 Visual OER

1:45- 2:30 Hands Activity 2 Jig-Saw:

2:30- 2:45 Share Out

2:45- 3:00 Closing


OER Handbook for Educators__


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