Professional Learning Experience

Session Title:

Tech Tools to Enhance Content Delivery and Student Engagement

Additional Info:

  • Please bring your own DOE laptop device to the training session

Session Instructor:

iLearnNYC Team

Session Synopsis:

Teachers and students are surrounded by technology tools in every facet of learning. Which ones can be used to enhance instruction? Which ones are student friendly and allow for collaboration and interaction? See how these tools can be used in your classroom and how you and your students can also be producers as well as consumers of content..
As result of this training, participants will be able to:
  • determine use of EdTech tools to best meet the needs of students.
  • explore resources to assist in creating more engaging lessons.
  • develop projects for students.

Agenda: 3 Hours

(Short Overview of the day)

8:30-8:50 Welcome/Ice Breaker: Toonytool

8:50-9:20 Tool 1: __EdPuzzle__

With EdPuzzle, teachers can use already existing videos from places such as YouTube, Khan Academy, or upload their own to create self-paced learning

opportunities for students using interactive lessons including voiceovers and questions while holding students accountable for watching the videos.

9:20-9:50 Tool 2: __Buncee__

With Buncee, teachers and students alike can create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.

9:50-10:20 Tool 3: __Hstry__

With Hstry, teachers and students can create free interactive timelines. Hstry is a free digital learning tool which promotes collaboration and engagement in the classroom.

10:20-10:50 Tool 4:__Piktochart__

With Piktochart, teachers and students can easily create infographics. It uses an easy-to-use editor to assist you with creating beautiful and high quality graphics.

10:50-11:20 1Tool 5: Flipgrid

Flipgrid is a video discussion community for your classroom that supercharges your students’ voices. You add the topics, your students respond with short videos, and everyone engages!


With ThingLink, teachers and students can easily enhance images and videos with additional notes, photos, audio, video, and other multi-media content. Students acquire visual presentation skills and communicate through digital storytelling across grade levels, on any device.

11:20-11:30 Group Discussion

Which of these tools, do you find yourself gravitating towards? How are you going to use this to help your instruction?



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