Web Literacy

Professional Learning Experience

Session Title:

Web Literacy

Additional Info:

  • Please bring your own DOE laptop device to the training session

Session Instructor:

iLearnNYC Team

Session Synopsis:

As result of this training, participants will be able to:
-teach students how to assess information for accuracy and validity.
-read a web address
-identify author


(Short Overview of the day)


The Need to Teach Our Students (and Ourselves) How to be Web Literate

The Three Pillars:
Purposeful Search
  • Do you know how to use Google?
    • Performing better searches
  • Reading web addresses
  • The Wayback Machine

Effective Organization and Collaboration
  • Using Diigo to organize resources

Sharing and Making Sense of Information
  • Creating a Personal Learning Network
    • Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+



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