Session Agenda

Session Title:

Be an Organized and Digital Educator | Using QR codes in Education

Additional Info:

  • Please bring your own DOE laptop device to the training session
  • Lunch will not be served

Session Instructor:

Natalie Cosby
Kelly Henning

Session Synopsis:

AM Session: Use the cloud to organize your lessons, resources and schedule. Use web tools to organize your parent and student communication.

PM Session: Participants will learn to create QR codes that can be used to enhance any curriculum - use a QR code to take your students on an adventure, to a personalize video, to another site and more.


  • Welcome
  • EverFi presentation
    • EverFi is the leading education technology company focused on teaching, assessing, badging, and certifying students in critical skills. We combine cutting-edge personalized technology, deep education research and data, and a dedicated implementation team that allows each teacher to feel as though they have a blended learning assistant in their classroom. Most importantly, EverFi partners with the private sector and foundations that sponsor this innovation across the country

  • Get your Head in the cloud
  • Cloud backup is a remote, online managed backup service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of computer files. Because of cloud technology, our working style, use of computers even our learning method has improved a lot. It enables a user to access a network of remote servers unlike a local server and provides technological advances. Cloud backup already has a huge impact on our education and it is growing day by day. Teachers can benefit largely from cloud storage technology.

  • Lunch

  • Discussion and Wrap Up

Session Resources:

How Teachers can benefit from Cloud

QR Code Implementation Guide


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