D2L Grading and Assessments Training Agenda

Course Title:

iLearnNYC: Desire2Learn Grading & Assessment Techniques, Level 2

Course Instructors:

Joe Iacono

Course Goal(s):

This course will provide additional in-depth training on assessment tools in the Desire2Learn system for teachers who have already attended the Basic Instructor Tools Training session. In this session, we will examine advantages of using online assessment tools for teachers and for students and demonstrate best practices for assessment using D2L tools.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this 1 day session, participants will have solid foundation and knowledge of the Desire2Learn assessment tools.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply best practices and solid learning theory to assessment of student learning

  • Apply rubrics and competencies

  • Incorporate a variety of methods for providing feedback on student work

  • Know how to create and utilize a variety of assessment tools and options in D2L

Prerequisite Training:

Before attending this training, participants must have completed:

  • Desire2Learn for Beginners, Level 1

Session Agenda:

Rubrics & Competencies

  • Creating Rubrics

  • Attaching rubrics to assessments for grading

  • Creating Competency Structures

  • Using Learning Objectives and Activities

  • Hands-on Activities


  • Advantages of having students submit their work electronically

  • Creating Assignment Folders

  • Viewing Submitted Assignments

  • Grading & Leaving Feedback

  • Using Turnitin for Plagiarism detection

Grades & User Progress

  • Grade Setup and Grade Schemes

  • Creating Grade Categories and Items

  • Entering Grades

  • Calculated/Adjusted Final Grades

Quizzes & Self-Assessments

  • Quiz Creation

  • Quiz Settings

  • Overview of Question Types

  • Grading & Feedback

  • Question Library

  • Understanding How Groups are Set Up
  • Creating a Group Category
  • Creating a Group
  • Editing Groups and Categories
  • Deleting Groups and Categories
  • Enrolling Users in Groups
  • Using Groups in Discussions


  • Q/A Session

Course Evaluation:

Please take time to complete the iLearnNYC professional development survey. Your feedback is important to us.