Dear iLearnNYC School Leader: As the semester draws to a close, we want to thank you for your participation in the iLearnNYC program. Here are some important steps to consider when you close your courses and prepare for the new semester

  1. Entering final grades and releasing final grades
  2. Course Closing/Removing Courses in iLearnNYC
  3. Running Course and Student Data, and Student Progress Reports (See chart below for specific vendors)
  4. Preparing Licenses if applicable: (License Recovery for Transferable licenses in APEX and Compass)

1. Entering Final Grades: Schools should not close or remove their iLearnNYC courses until final semester course grades are entered in the iLearnNYC Learning Environment. All grades should be entered in STARS and until all required reports and data have been extracted and archived.
iLearnNYC recommends that you work with your Network Academic Policy Point Person and Data Specialist as your official NYCDOE resource and authority for all issues, questions, and confirmation regarding your school’s credit, promotion, graduation, and STARS decisions for all courses.
We expect all our iLearnNYC schools to be informed, and comply with the NYCDOE Academic Policy and practices on course management, marking periods, promotion and graduation criteria, credits, and final grade submissions to STARS or HSST. Please review the policy guides located on our menu bar.

2. Course Closing/Removing Courses in iLearnNYC

The Admin Console has both a “Close Course” and a “Remove Course” command. They are very different. Please understand the differences before executing.
  • Close Course

This will close the course immediately and will not allow any further access by students to any part of the course including assignments and assessments. Teachers will still have access to the course for grades and metrics. Please make sure you have given students whatever warnings and alerts they would need to submit all required work, complete all content modules, quizzes, assignments, communications, projects, and submissions, and logged the hours online you will require to determine successful completion of your course. For courses which access external vendors, data must be extracted at the external vendor site before the course is closed or removed, or a student is unenrolled. See “Archiving Course Data” Chart below.
  • Re-Opening Closed Courses: Schools may reopen closed courses from the current school year at any time, and all students will be reinstated.

  • Remove Course: This action is irrevocable
This command will close and delete the course completely. No student work is saved, no student log in or access data is saved, there is no trace left of the course, its content, or any of its data. It is for use only in addressing mistakes made in course creation.

3. Preparing for the new semester
If you are transferring licenses, a student must be removed from all courses in the Admin Console and also removed from the Vendor platform as well. YES, students need to be removed 2X in order to get your licenses back. The license Usage count must always equal the Usage count on the vendor platform or you will be charged.
It is recommended that schools create new courses for the new semester and close old courses.

4. Course, Student Data, and Student Progress Reports
School Admins should run school-wide reports and teachers should run reports on each of their classes.
We recommend that schools run all reports necessary to document course data, such as assigned Teachers of Record, Co-Teachers, Certifications, curriculum units or modules, and content used.
School Admins and teachers should also run all reports necessary to document time spent online or hours spent on each course.
Student progress data like modules completed, assessments, discussions, forums, and all other aspects of student progress should likewise be documented.
iLearnNYC best practices recommends school admins and teachers save these reports in both print and electronic formats consistent across all courses, to prepare for possible course audits or questions in future.

Please contact your Implementation Managers with questions about these procedures.

Below is a table with details on how to work with student data from both iLearnNYC and our external vendors.

iLearnNYC Learning Environment System (D2L)
Teachers go to the PROGRESS tab in their classes, and print out or export Student Progress Data and their iLearnNYC LMS Grade book. They also extract login history for each student. Teachers MUST also release the FINAL GRADES for all students in order to award credit. Teachers should contact their Implementation Managers for assistance.
Teachers can use the usage and performance reports to export data to Excel. They can track the following, for each class:
  • How students are using the program
  • How students are spending time within the program
  • How usage changed over time
  • How students are progressing to the 40-activity goal
  • Which students are using the program after school and how they are spending their time
  • Lexile changes – Summative
  • Lexile changes over time
  • How students are performing on standards
  • Reading performance changes over time
  • Which students are on track for College and Career readiness
Apex Learning
  • Teachers MUST enter a final Grade into the grade book for each student that is complete.
  • After a Final grade is entered, teachers should print the course letter that becomes available in the last row of the grade book.
  • Entering a final grade, automatically removes the student from that course.
  • If a school want to transfer a license, a student must be removed from all of his/her APEX courses.
  • Teachers export both the Student Progress Report and the Student Activity Course Report (Grade Book) to EXCEL.
  • The APEX Site Coordinator will run a School-Wide report, export to EXCEL, and save this offline
  • All Apex Archived data remains available for five years.
  • For more details, CLICK HERE
Teachers go to the PROGRESS tab in their classes, and print out or export Student Progress Data and their iLearnNYC LMS Grade book. They also extract login history for each student.
Teachers must prepare, run, and download reports for each student before they are deleted from a class and at the end of the year (once students are deleted from a course, it is impossible to retrieve the data!) Here are some of the reports that can be extracted:
  1. Student Progress Report – this will show every activity completed by each student.  It will include their score and the time that it took to complete.
  2. Objective Based Test Results – If a teacher implemented a Pre-Test – Post-Test, this will show the results of each test and the growth from Pre to Post
  3. Learning Path Status Report – this will display how each student performed on the activities in the learning paths that were assigned by the system based on the student’s performance on the Pre-Test
Teachers can run a “Group Progress Report” which can then be downloaded to EXCEL and serve as the class grade-book.
Teachers go to the PROGRESS tab in their classes, and print out or export Student Progress Data and their iLearnNYC LMS Grade book. They also extract log in history for each student.
Math XL
At the end of the school year, all teachers should export their class grades. A teacher does this by going into the MathXL for School grade-book, selecting Export Data, selecting Advanced Export, and then following the on-screen instructions to export all student results.
Middlebury Powerspeak
Each grade book view has a "Download Grade book" link to export it as a CSV file. There are two types, one for the full classroom and another for individual students; the first is only accessible by teachers. It is recommended that teachers export the class grade-book. Individual student records may be exported for additional documentation.
Write to Learn
Teachers can export a report of their own classes using the Class Overview report.  The exported file is in comma-separated value format.  It provides student performance data on the classes and assignments the teacher has chosen.

5License Recovery for Transferrable licenses in APEX and Compass

In order to recoup or recover licenses, the un-enrollment process must be performed on both the Admin Console and on the vendor platform.
Each side is independent of the other and you each must be reconciled - when you un-enroll from one you must un-enroll from the other. You must have enough licenses in order to enroll new students.

Apex Only:

Step 1: Un-enroll student in the Admin Console.

Step 2: Either provide each student with a final grade in the grade book or the “Archive Student” process must be done for each student. Students may be marked incomplete, and that will free up the license as well and still leave the student active.

Note: A student may be enrolled in multiple courses. In order to free up the APEX license, the student must be unenrolled from ALL courses in the Admin Console.

Same rule applies to the licensing on the APEX side. The Student must be graded in all courses, or Archived. The “Archive Student” process un-enrolls the student from all courses and restores the license to the school account.

Compass Only:

Step 1: Un-enroll student in the Admin Console.

Step 2: Run required COMPASS reports and export all student progress and data before removing/deleting student. After deletion, all student work and data will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Delete Student in the Compass management screen. Schools should contact their Implementation Manager to assist with Compass student removal.

WARNING to Admins: A student may be enrolled in multiple courses. In order to free up the license the student must be removed from all courses. Only the “Delete Student” function (accessible by administrator only) will un-enroll the student from all courses. This is irrevocable and all student work will be deleted.