Symposium Training Agenda

Course Title:

iLearnNYC: Student Panel


Arlene Francis-Scarder, Implementation Manager

In Our Own Words: Panel Members

Academy of Innovative Technology

Kyle Forth, Jermaine Meadows

Mr. Wilbeck

Frederick Douglass Academy VII

Xaviah Graham, Tytrell Gray, Stefaun Jones, Brionna Williams

Ms. Dowdell - Course Resources

High School of Economics and Finance

Dominic Di Pietra, Jose Reynoso, Agata Stowaway, Averie Urena, Hunter Willis

Ms. Gilbert

Mott Hall V

Justin Caminero, Noelia Hernandez

Mr. Paraskevaides


  • Which program(s) are you using in your class(es)?

• Describe how your teacher(s) introduced the program(s) and how often are you expected to use it?

• Is this model of learning helpful to you? What are some of the challenges or roadblocks you experience in a blended-learning classroom?

• What strategies ( that your teacher supplied or you created) were most helpful in getting you comfortable with this way of learning?

• In your opinion, is this model of learning suited to all subject-areas? If not which do you think it is most suited to and share a few reasons why.

• How do you take notes? How do you show progress and your work?

• What advice would you offer to teachers that want to create blended learning classrooms? Give us your top 2-3

• How long have you been involved in an online/blended learning class? Do you LIKE it?

Course Evaluation:

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